Nvidia Bios Flash Pack (NBF)


NVIDIA Bios Flash Pack

This package will help many overclockers and hardware enthusiasts, who whants to tweak nVidia GFX Cards Bioses.


This package includes software below:
- Fermi Bios Editor 1.55
- NiBiTor 6.06
- NvFlash 5.136 (DOS)
- NvFlash 5.142 (Windows)
- NvFlash 5.541 (Windows)
- Nvidia Inspector
- X-Bios Editor 1.03.520 (GeForce2, GeForce MX)

FAQ's and Guides (english) in PDF File Format:
- FERMI BIOS - NiBiToR - Fermi BIOS Editor guide
- GUIDE for Flashing GPU BIOS
- The Ultimate Fanspeed IC NiBiTor guide

Download Locations

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Primary #1: NVIDIA_BIOS_Flash_Pack.7z (8,21 MB)