Nvidia Bios Flash Pack aKa NBF


Last Update Date (m/d/y): 12/03/2013

NVIDIA Bios Flash Pack

This package will help many overclockers and hardware enthusiasts, who whants to tweak nVidia GFX Cards Bioses.


This package includes software below:
- Fermi Bios Editor 1.55
- NiBiTor 6.06
- nvflash 5.136
- nvflash for windows 5.142
- Nvidia Inspector
- X-Bios Editor 1.03.520 (GeForce2, GeForce MX)

FAQ's and Guides (english) in PDF File Format:
- FERMI BIOS - NiBiToR - Fermi BIOS Editor guide
- GUIDE for Flashing GPU BIOS
- The Ultimate Fanspeed IC NiBiTor guide

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